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Clean workshop

     A clean room is an enclosure with a controlled environment. The clean room controls and minimizes contaminants including dust, airborne particles, and microbes. Usually, the goal of a clean room is to provide the most sterile setting possible for producing products such as medical devices, electronic components, and pharmaceutical products.
      A clean room uses special filters and airflow methods to reduce dust and other airborne particles. A clean room’s design keeps airborne particles from contacting parts and ensures the room itself stays as hygienic as possible.
     Waexim currently has a 300K level Clean Room (equivalent to ISO14644-1 Class 7) and two clean controlled workshops. It plans to establish a medical business division in 2024, build a new independent 100K level clean room (equivalent to ISO14644-1 Class 8), and apply for medical device production license registration and cGMP certification, specifically provide LSR products and solution for Medical industry.
300K Clean Room #1

Clean Controlled workshop #2
Clean Controlled Workshop #3

Cleaness Required Products

· Medical : Respirator Mask
· Medical:Hearing Aid Accessory 
· Medical Device:Medical Accessory
· Medical:Drug Delivery tubes
· Electric Motor:2k sealing
· Hig Voltage Connector:Seal/Mat
· Auto Lighting:LSR Lens
· Auto Steering:LSR sealing
· Intelligent Wearing:2K Part

Inspection Standard

Inspection Standard

· GB/T16292~16294-2010《Test methods for suspended

particles, planktonic bacteria, and settling bacteria in clean rooms (areas) of the pharmaceutical industry》

· VDA19.1 《Insepction of Technical Cleanliness》

· VDA19.2《Technical cleanliness in assembly》

Inspection Items:

Air cleanliness

· Suspended particle concentration

· Number of settling bacteria

· Airborne bacterial concentration

Enviroment Parameter

· Ventilation frequency

· Static pressure difference

· Noise

· Illuminance

· Temperature

· Relative humidity