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Industry 4.0

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the rapid development of the Internet, new energy, big data and other technologies has brought about tremendous changes in society and continuously promoted industrial reform and upgrading.

Industry 4.0 consists of the following 3 aspects:

The first is "smart factory", focusing on intelligent production systems and processes, as well as the realization of networked distributed production facilities;

The second is "intelligent production", which mainly involves the production logistics management, human-computer interaction and the application of 3D technology in the industrial production process of the entire enterprise. The plan will focus in particular on engaging SMEs and seeking to become users and beneficiaries of a new generation of intelligent production technologies, as well as creators and suppliers of advanced industrial production technologies;

The third is "intelligent logistics", mainly through the Internet, Internet of Things, logistics network, integrate logistics resources, give full play to the efficiency of the existing logistics resource supplier, while the demand side can quickly obtain service matching and logistics support.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Germany has put forward the development plan of "Industry 4.0" in response to global challenges, and China has also proposed the national strategic plan of "Made in China 2025". Intelligent manufacturing is a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human beings, which is highly integrated, including intelligent manufacturing technology and manufacturing system. There is no doubt that intelligent manufacturing must be the future development trend of the world's manufacturing industry. Facing the development of reform trend, Waexim has carried out a series of internal upgrades to Industry 4.0:

1. Set up an automation team to carry out automation design and development

2. Break through equipment & software barriers, establish information exchange, and realize informatization & intelligence

3. Internal establishment of R&D PDM, ERP, MES, FEA and other software capabilities

4. Eliminate old equipment, purchase advanced equipment in the industry, and lay the foundation for intelligent manufacturing

Waexim Intelligent Manufacturing Capability

· Automated design and development capability

· Whole-process lean production capacity

· Informatized& Intelligent the whole process& intelligent

· Core data collection and analysis.

Intelligent manufacturing upgrade route

Waexim intelligent manufacturing capability has completed the integrated analysis of equipment & data, with the characteristics of transparency, high efficiency, and knowledge management; It has been in line with the national intelligent manufacturing.Waexim maturity is at level 3, and it is moving towards level 4 of intelligent manufacturing.