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Quality System

Striving for“0”defects goal

     Through the quality planning in R&D phase, fully identify the key characteristics of products and processes, and to formulate a reasonable and effective inspection plan to ensure that the key features of products and processes are fully monitored. 

System operation modules:

■ BIQs application module

■ 14Q management tools

■ DMAIC six Sigma code continuous improvement

■ VDA 6.3 Process audit

■ VDA 6.5 Product audit

System Certification

■ IATF 16949

■ ISO 14001

■ ISO 45001

■ ISO 13485

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

Through risk control tools, risk identification and control plan formulation are carried out in all aspects of product process design, service process, quality control and continuous improvement of packaging, and gradually achieve the goal of "0" defects.

Process quality control

Ensure that critical product and process characteristics are adequately monitored by developing a reasonable and effective inspection plan. Including:

 Test data MES systematization

 Process SPC control

 Process capability control (CPK≥1.67)

 Early production containment Management (EPC)  

Automated inspection design and implementation

Implement automated testing according to customer requirements, and meet customer's demanding quality requirements through 100% inspection of product key characteristics.

 Automated visual inspection

Automatic leakage inspection

 Customized product function test