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Rubber Molding Capability

     Waexim provides customized molding product services to manufacture high-quality and high-precision rubber products for customers in different market sectors. Our services include conventional molds, CNC machining molds, and some aluminum or steel sample molds. Having comprehensive rubber product solutions;
We can achieve different types of rubber molding, such as organic silicone, NR, NBR, HNBR, CR, EPDM, FKM, PU, ECO, ACM/AEM and so on. Widely used in industries such as automobiles, electronics, aviation, healthcare, and sanitary. Waexim has various rubber molding methods, such as compression molding, transfer molding , and injection molding (1. ordinary injection molding; 2. cold runner injection molding without burrs; 3. LSR Transfer molding; 4. solid silicone injection molding. 
Compression Molding
· The most basic molding method is to cut the pre-vulcanized rubber into the required size base on the mold, and then place the cutted rubber material into each mold cavity.
· Advantages:simple mold design and production process with high cost-effectiveness.
· Disadvantages: Compression molding relies on placing the rubber material into cavity. If the rubber material is placed improperly, defects can easily occur; For large/complex parts, it is difficult to form, the flash of the product will be relatively large and thick, wasting materials.

Transfer Molding

     Unlike compression molding, transfer molding does not require direct placement of rubber sheets in the mold. Instead, it is placed in material press cavity, which is the upper layer of the mold cavity. When the mold is closed, the rubber is injected into the mold cavity through the flow channel and gate way. Under high temperature and pressure conditions, the rubber begins to vulcanize.

Similar to compression molding, both rely on a molding machine, while have the characteristics of injection molding. The mold is equipped with gates and runners.

Transfer Molding(Cold Pot Molding) 

     Based on transfer molding, adding a non-woven fabric placement in the material stub  plate can avoid material bonding of the mold and quickly remove burrs from the injection gate

Injection Molding

· Injection molding: easy to realize automated production layout:automaticly demolding, and use cold runner technology can greatly reduce product burr rate and reduce manually de-burrs’ work, suitable for high-quality requirements and production of large quantity products.
· Cold Runner Injection Molding: The Cold Runner system controls the temperature of the rubber material in the runner and gate through a certain medium, keeping it below the vulcanization temperature before entering the mold cavity which bring good plasticity and does not cause vulcanization, achieving improved product quality and performance, saving rubber raw materials and energy.

LSR Transfer Molding

·   The use of an automatic dispensing machine can automatically quantify, with different programing can go circular, straight, and curved lines . The dispensing joint is perfect, and there is no wire drawing during the dispensing process, accurately controlling the amount of LSR material and saving production costs.