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Automated production

Automation is a general term for the information processing and process control of machinery and equipment or production processes that achieve measurement, manipulation and other information according to the expected goals without direct human intervention. Automation technology is to explore and research methods and technologies to realize automated processes. It is a comprehensive technology involving mechanical, microelectronics, computer and other technical fields. Automation is the only way to be competitive!

Waexim has more than 10 years of liquid silicone, solid silicone, rubber products automatic molding, automatic removal, automatic deflashing, automatic leakage detection, automatic appearance defect detection equipment to ensure the quality containment of products at the generation end and outflow end.

High-precision Automatic Dosing System

Through the intelligent control system, the high-precision electric cylinder, pressure transmitter, metering control unit, mixing control unit are controlled and monitored, to ensure that compound A&B and color paste are distributed according to working instruction so as to ensure the product quality.

Automatic loading and unloading for overmolded part

For overmolding part, the product skeleton is automatically taken out after molding, the product skeleton is automatically loaded into the mold before the overmolding, and the product is automatically taken out after the overmold is completed.

Automatically Demolding

1.For the two-plate mold, three-plate mold, it is automatically ejecting, roller brushing, clamping as one of the unmanned parts production after molding.

2. Automatic demolding for wire harness and cable rubber products to ensure that the product is not broken and the production efficiency is maximized.

Leakage Inspection

The leakage inpection for wire harness and cable products, the product is automatically identified by positioning, pressurized ventilation, and leak detection device to detect whether the production is completed to prevent the outflow of NOK products.

Product Appeaerance Inspection

Through the combination of CCD and AI  imaging technology, automatically detect the appearance defect of silicone, rubber, and overmolded products.