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After more than 20 years of experience accumulation, WAEXIM has abundant experience in material application, which can meet various testing requirements (including, but not limited with the following standard requirements): 
◆UL 94                
◆ASTM D6284         

WAEXIM self-developed materials has been used in individual product segment, meet the requirements of various material standards, performance is higher than the requirements of the same industry. 

· Automotive Upholstery (Meet VW50180\VDA278)
· sanitary seals (meet with chloramine resistant requirements)
· Bellows (High strength and high elongation)
· Electronic connectors (High tear resistance and oil resistance)
· Drinking water fittings (Meet with WRAS, NSF)
· Medical for infants and children (Medical grade, self-adhesive)
· Hardware & Machinery (High strength to resistant medium)
Cooperation between universities and research institutions

Innovation comes from Waexim's deepest heart,

We have established strategic cooperation and joint research and development partnership with Xiamen University, Fujian Normal University and Xiamen Institute of Rare Earth Materials of Haixi Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on key technologies such as new polymer materials, new rubber materials, new catalysis of hydrogen fuel cells, bipolar plates and battery stack, and achieved satisfactory results. WAEXIM will vigorously promote the transformation and industrial mass production of research results of universities and research institutes.

Up to now, Waexim has applied for more than 60 domestic and foreign 

1. Applied for 18 domestic and foreign invention patents, and 5 have been 

authorized (1 of which is a British invention patent);
2. 50 utility models, 50 have been authorized;
3. Apply for 4 software works and authorize 4;
4. Participate in the formulation of 3 national standards and 1 industry 


Material Supply Chain Partner
WAEXIM has long-term cooperation with world-renowned raw material manufacturers: Such as Wacker, Momentive, Shin-Etsu, Elkem, Dow Corning, DuPont, Zeon, Bayer, Solvay, 3M, Daikin, Lanxess, JSR, EXXON, Taiwan Zhongxiang, Nandi Chemical, etc., Ensure the stability of the product and the consistency of performance.