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MES System

Waexim strives to become a high-end rubber sealing expert, and is committed to becoming a hidden champion in the subdivision of LSR molding industry, while continuing the construction of intelligence and digital, and gradually implement internal human-machine interconnection system, MES system, lean production, automatic production of lights-off factory.

Customized MES system

· System Integration:
Integrated ERP, PLM, production systems
· Task integration:
Intelligent scheduling, manufacturing, process quality, internal circulation linked
· Data Integration
Established quality system, production equipment & mold maintenance system, production delivery task system.

MES Fast Response

· Mobile APP triggering, real-time feedback

· On-site all-in-one machine, fast job report

· NOK implementation feedback and timely resolution

· Andon notification, fast resolution

Visual boards

· Quality Visualization Board

Today's Task, PQC Task, Top 5 NG rate, cause, defective rate shift chart

· Device visualization dashboard

Device monitoring, task list, shutdown record, Top 5 shutdown 

reason, equipment utilization 

· Mold visualization board

Mold information, mold maintenance tasks, Top 5 problems, Top 5 maintenance times, mold repair tasks 

· Task visualization board

Production tasks, plan preview, Top 5 Equipment output&shift output, equipment attendance

·Visual board at the workshop