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     Established in 2003, located in the Guannan Industrial Zone of Jimei, Xiamen. It covers an area of 10 acres, construction area of approximately 12000 square meters, with registered capital of 27 million CNY. It is a national high-tech and National Mastery& Special Innovation enterprise that integrates R&D, Manufacture, and sales on customized rubber components in the automotive, new energy, hydrogen energy, electronics, and medical industries, as well as providing high-end sealing solutions.

Providing products to Top 5 Automotive Tier 1 suppliers such as Bosch, Continental, Magna, ZF and World well-know company such as Freudenburg, Vibracoustic, TE, Amphenol, UAES etc, with end OEM customer range from VW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Tesla, Volvo, Li Auto, NIO etc, market coverage more than 20 countries and regions in the world, deeply trusted and recognized by the automotive tier 1 customers 

and OEMs, chosen as the  Volkswagen Group designated sealing supplier. 

   Waexim focuses on providing high-end sealing solutions for large multinational enterprises in the automotive, new energy, hydrogen energy, and medical industries, accumulating over 20 years of industrial success experience; With the ability to provide high-end liquid silicone and multi-component sealing solution, benchmarking against the European industrial top, Strives to be the hidden champion in domestic and foreign LSR industry segments

Holding Company I-Clear Health Technoligies, founded in Year2016, jointly established by Waexim and the Xiamen University material Academy, engaged in design、R&D、Manufacture and sales on ODM PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) products and Healthcare products with its own. It is the ninth batch of Double-100 talent introduced enterprises in Xiamen.

Waexim attaches great importance to system construction, and has passed system certifications such as IATF16949 (Automotive Industry) , ISO14001 (Environment), ISO45001(Occupational Health Management), ISO13485(Medical Device), Integration of information and Industrialization and Intellectual Property Protection. Waexim has won multiple corporate honors, including 

National Mastery& Special Innovation enterprise,  Technology Small Giant Enterprise of Fujian, Xiamen 2018 Patent Award "Third Prize", Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Xiamen, Youth Civilization, Postgraduate workstation etc. In 2022, Wanxin was selected “Made in China Hidden Champion Selected Enterprises”.

    The company attaches great importance on R&D capability, technical capabilities, product innovation, and intellectual property protection. It has a R&D team more than 40 people, with capabilities in material development, mold design and development, process design, automation design, lean production, and project APQP management; Till Now, the company has applied for more than 60 patents, including 15 invention patents and 8 authorized patents (including 1 British invention patent); 48 utility model patents, 48 of which have been authorized; Apply for 4 software copyrights and 4 authorizations; Participated in 2 national standards. In addition, Wanxim owns 4 trademarks and I-clear has registered 15 international trademarks.

The company introduces advanced mould processing equipment, production equipment, laboratory analysis and testing equipment imported from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The company has the top mold processing equipment +GF+ AgieCharmilles from Swiss、 Austria Engel horizontal LSR injection equipment more than 20 sets (tonnage from 40-160T), Germany Boy/ Taiwan Multplas/Haitian vertical/horizontal LSR injection equipment more than 10 sets; The company has strong product research and development and formula development capabilities, has advanced materials analysis laboratory, has automation system for insertion and removal part and AOI equipment independent development capabilities. The company has numerous of internationally advanced key technologies such as mechanical needle valve cold runner, electronic time-shot valve cold runner、electronic open-gate valve cold runner、2K molding technology, four-side rotary cube mold. Large Number of Cavaties Mold as many as 256 cav and micro Injection molding refer to silicone component weight under 0.08g, A number of key technical levels can be benchmarking European and American industrial top company. The company has 3 level LSR clean room which can meet the special and strict requirements of different healthcare customers.

    The company is establishing intelligent manufacturing digital factory, the implementation of automation production lines,and striving to create an internationally competitive Hidden Champion of Chinese manufacturer! Waexim has made outstanding achievements in the field of new energy, Currently, it is deploying hydrogen energy , and has established strategic partnerships relations with multiple emerging leading enterprises engaged in hydrogen energy research and development. Waexim has established strategic cooperative partnerships with many universities and research institutions, including Haixi Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Rare Earth Materials, Xiamen University, Fujian Normal University etc., focusing on the research and development of new materials and a number of key technologies of hydrogen fuel cells, aiming at providing sealing solutions for new energy, hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

    In 2023, Waexim got a strategic investment from the Chinese ChiNext Listed Company of VOKE TECHNOLOGY (Stock Code: 301196). The strong&strong alliance will help Waexim to achieve the established 5-Year plan by 2025 and gradually achieve the 10-Year plan by 2030. Waexim will establish Germany branche by the end of 2023, and Shanghai Plant  by 2024, so as to fullfill the strategic collaboration needs of core customers and market layout strategic. The company's business scale is expected to grow rapidly by over 20% annually.