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Advanced Manufacture Capability

Complete customized molding capabilities

Waexim has profeesional and strong manufacturing capability of OEM/ODM. We have implemented with 6S, BIQS, Six Sigma, Intelligent Manufacturing, Lean Production, MES system, PDM, ERP, WebEDI, Bar-code&QR code tracking system to ensure Just-In-Time delivering of goods to customer with high reliability and sustainable competitiveness.

Waexim has its own independent 12000 square meter factory, with own formulating and rubbering capability; Waexim production capacity includes rubber molding, injection molding, transfer molding, plastic injection molding, LSR injection molding, over-molding or 2K and multi-component injection molding. Waexim focuses on producing high-quality, long-term competitive rubber, plastic, LSR, and multi-component parts.

Molding Capability

· Compression molding

· Injection molding

· Transfer molding

· Plastic injection molding

· LSR injection molding

· Over-molding or 2K molding 

· Multi-component injection molding(P+R/ LSR ,R/LSR+R/LSR, Metal + R/LSR)

List of Main Production Equipment