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|BIQS & 14Q Implementation

1. BIQS Implementation

BIQS means Built-In Quality Supply-Based. GM's quality system at its internal plants is BIQ, which is then called BIQ-S at its suppliers. We applied the BIQS special management platform software developed by Berred Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to fully apply the management requirements of BIQS to the production process and ensure real-time monitoring, and achieved excellent results.

2. 14Q Implementation

"14Q-Basics Value Steam" is the fourteen basic principles of quality of the entire Bosch Group, which is based on the goal of "providing zero-defect products and services" and "customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!" "To this end, we follow the six Bosch quality principles and more effectively guide the entire manufacturing process and all aspects of the value stream." As Bosch's core strategic supplier, Waexim has decomposed the management elements of 14Q into the company's system documents to ensure effective operation, which has been highly recognized by customers.