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          Waexim established in 2003, located in the Guannan Industrial Zone of Jimei, Xiamen. It covers an area of 10 acres, construction area of approximately 12000 square meters, with registered capital of 30 million CNY. It is a national high-tech and National Mastery& Special Innovation enterprise that integrates R&D, Manufacture, and sales on customized rubber components in the automotive, new energy, hydrogen energy, electronics, and medical industries, as well as providing high-end sealing solutions.

Intelligently manufacturing of high-quality mobility parts, to make travel safer, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly.

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Focusing on providing high-end sealing solutions for domestic and foreign Automotive,E-vehicles , Hydrogen energy  and Medical multinational enterprises, Strives to be the hidden champion  in domestic and foreign LSR industry segments!

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