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Quality Control Equipment

Waexim commits to fully meet customer quality requirements, and has complete measuring equipments, to ensure that product quality is fully monitored and measured.

1.Inspection Equipement List



· 3D Automatic Measuring Instrument

· Profile Projector

· CCD Projector

· Micrometer

· Vernier Calipers

· Thickness Gauge

2.Product performance testing equipment

· Tensile& Elongation Tester

· Hardness tester

· Rheometer

· Resilience tester

· Abrasion resistance tester

· Fourier infrared spectrum tester

· Cleanliness tester

· IRHD hardness tester

3.Life and reliability test equipment

· Oven

· Constant temperature and humidity tester

· Ozone resistance tester

· Chemical resistance tester

· Oil resistance tester

· Keypad life tester