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Material Development

·Material Development Validation Ability
After more than 20 years of development, WAEXIM has accumulated profound experience in material properties and performance, and has independent material selection, formula development and testing & validation capabilities, which can provide customers with material solutions and carry out various performance verification according to the requirements of product working conditions.
Material Development Category 
Focus on elastomer and rubber+framework components

Various materials and formulations can be customized according to customer's requirements

◆NBR /XNBRHNBR        ◆NR/SBR/BR             

◆FKM /FFKM                  ◆NBR+PVC

◆CR                                  ◆MPU      

Over-molded components
Traditional Rubber + Plastic / Metal
LSR + Plastic / Metal / Glass (Glue or Self adhesive bond)
·Testing Capability
WAEXIM’s Laboratory has complete material testing capabilities, and maintains close cooperations with the laboratory of  Xiamen University Materials Institute and relevant 3rd-party laboratories at home and abroad.
At present, WAEXIM is also gradually improving its product simulation testing capabilities, and plans to apply for CNAS certification within 2 years.