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LSR Manufacture Capability

    Waexim has been producing liquid silicone parts since 2010. Over the past 13 years, we have been continuously researching, innovating, and upgrading in intelligent manufacturing. We have advanced LSR molding equipments and automated production equipment, a 300k cleanroom, including horizontal and vertical injection molding, which can perform high-precision injection molding, over-molding, 2k/multi-component molding, HTV silicone+Rotofeeder injection molding etc.

Injection molding machines with brands like ENGEL, BOY, MULTIPLUS, etc.

LSR Molding Machine

    Waexim has high-precision molding equipment: injection molding, over-molding, and 2K molding (including horizontal&vertical, multi-component LSR molding, HTV+Rotorfeeder molding)

Equipment tonnage: 40-160 tons, with brands include ENGEL, BOY, Mutiplas etc

Dosing system brand: Elmet, 2KM, Nexus, Better, etc

ENGEL Rotofeeder:

HTV Silicone by LIMs process


 High Tear Strength

 Short Curing Time(as short as 20 sec)

 Flashless & none after-molding process

LSR Product

Waexim can do customized LSR product base on customer drawing.

As well as expertise in manufacturing silicone parts using one-component injection molding technology, Waexim has years of experience of producing multi-component molds and parts (2K or more)

Green, safe, enviroment protection LSR material is the fist option.

2K/Multi-component Product

LSR Product

Materail Combination

· LSR+Plastics
· LSR+Metal
· LSR+Chipset & Cable
· Self-adhesive LSR

Over-molding Product

Rotofeeder HTV Silicone Transfer products

Main Programs Showcase

Part Name: Wire Seal

Application:Automotive Connector 

Cavity: 168Cav (upgrading to 256 Cav)

Cycle Time:   30 S

Full Automatic demolding by Linear Robot Roller

Part Name: Radial Seal

Application:Automotive Connector 

Cavity: 128Cav

Cycle Time:   <48 S 

Electrically Cold Runner Valve Controled by Timeshot

Fully automatic uploading & demolding with Linear Robot EOAT

Part Name: Mat Seal

Application:Automotive Connector 

Cavity: 1 6 Cav

Cycle Time:   65 S 

HTV Silicone by LIMs process

Fully automatic uploading & demolding with Linear Robot EOAT 

Part Name:2K Sealing

Application:Electric Motor(eAxle)

Cavity: 1+1(2) 

Cycle time:20+70 S

Full Automatic uplaoding &demolding Linear Robot