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Lean Production

Waexim takes Complete Sincerity and Kindness; Innovative,Rapid,Pragmatic and Simplified; Social Commitment and Altruistic; Gong-ho and Win-win” as its core value. It is a highly developed practical enterprise. The company has long implemented timely production, automation support, multi-skill worker training, lean talent cultivation, standardized (one-stop flow) operation, equipment maintenance, visual management, and 6S management.

The case of Lean Production Case

Simple device structure, low-cost input, reduce the inconvenience, failure cost, and unbalance.

Reasonable production line layout and station structure make logistics smoother and more labor-saving.

The case of one-stop flow manufacturing

One-stop flow: combined with the molding process, it realizes the one-stop production mode of product molding, deflashing, quality inspection and packaging. Streamline the production process, reduce personnel actions, repeated product handling, stagnant waiting, and timely detect the defects, and reduce the waste of space occupied by product turnover.

The case of flexible production line

Combined with the customer's requirements for the appearance and cleanliness of silicone products, plan a wide range of versatility and strong applicability of the appearance inspection line, to achieve a flexible product inspection line that reduces manual handling of products and prevents secondary pollution on products.