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Multi-component Solution

      Benchmarking advanced technology of its European counterparts, Waexim has a mature multi-component injection mold solution and a complete set of multi-component product supporting capabilities. There are many benefits that can be achieved by choosing a multi-shot process versus a single-material part followed by assembly, heat staking, ultrasonic welding or other secondary process used to mechanically combine two or more substrates.

Cost and Time Savings

      A finished product is designed with various components each with desired features and functions. By integrating these components and performing in a single manufacturing process, a significant savings can be attained – a savings in production costs for added assembly or other secondary operation equipment, labor costs for manual operations and material handling, and a time savings.

Efficiency and Quality 

      The combination of fewer production steps and a cleaner, smoother transition of materials offers a more efficient manufacturing process. By reducing the number of operations and suppliers, supply chains are streamlined reducing the risk and opportunity for errors and thereby improving quality.


      The LSR Multi-Shot technology allows for part weight and space optimization, complex designs, the integration of multiple materials, and multiple functions into one component.

LSR 2-Shot injection molding is well suited for parts with tight tolerances and complicated geometries, as well as parts with wall thickness consistency requirements. In some instances, complex part designs incorporating multiple dual materials can only be achieved using two-shot process.

      Waexim currently have:

1.Complete equipment: 

ENGEL rotary 2k injection Machine, BOY 2k Injection machine, BOY secondary Injection Panel, vertical shuttle     Mold machine, vertical rotary injection Machine etc

2.Profound Experiences In Tooling: 

rotary table mold, rotary core core mold, 90 °&180 ° side injection panel mold.

Mature Process: 2K, over-molding, plastic & LSR overmolding Machine linked production, fully automatic removal parts, 2k ejector.

Overmolded P+LSR Linked production

Part Name:   LPS5-BR COVER
Application:Pressure Sensor for Engine
Cavity:  8+16 Overmold+Link Production
Cycle Time:  30+60 S
Full Automatic uploading& demolding     Linear Robot with 100% leakage &

AOI Inspection

2K rotary core mold solution

Part Name: Respirator Mask


Cavity:2+2 2k+rotary core

Cycle Time:<50(30) S 

Automatic Handling part

2K rotary table mold solution
Part Name:   2K SEAL
Application:Clutch Control Unit
Cavity: 4+4  2K Mold+Rotary Table
Cycle Time:  40(15) S 
Full Automatic uploading& demolding Linear Robot
2K rotary cube mold solution
Part Name: 2k Cap
Application:oil can cap
cav:12+12 2k rotary cube mold 
Cycle Time:<20 S 
Full Automatic demolding Linear Robot Ejector